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Lazy blogger’s handmade Christmas challenge!

November 17th, 2012 · 1 Comment

Yeah, that’s me…lazy. Actually, let me revise that. Truthfully, I am REALLY busy! If you are a facebook or real life friend, you know that I have gone DRIVEN to the East Coast THREE TIMES between mid May and early November. I was the ONLY adult in the car. I took TWO kids. I SURVIVED. I usually drive a MINIMUM of 800 miles a day. Yes, I AM human, lol!

Anyway, now I am BACK! Several of the friends are saying I should focus my writing on traveling now, but I am WAY too scattered to focus on just one thing, I think. Case in point, today’s post.

It’s time for the HOLIDAY SHOPPING FRENZY! And like most artisans and small business owners, I would STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to shop small, shop local and shop handmade. If you are truly worried about the economic state of our nation, there is nothing more proactive than buying a handmade gift, lovingly crafted by your neighbor, who will use the money for more supplies, to keep food on the table, a roof over their heads and maybe there is a little extra for the kids to take music or dance lessons.

AND I promise you the reaction you will get from said carefully chosen gift will be so much greater than that generic, bought at the mall last minute, plastic, made in China whatever.
So, with that said, I CHALLENGE you, readers and crafters, to post here with some handmade items you purchased OR that you have for sale! PLEASE include a LINK to the item, for easy reference and to help your fellow shoppers and artisans. I will choose a WINNER randomly from the comments and that person will get a surprise (prize will depend on who you are, of course ;))

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